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Code Of Conduct

Code of Conduct

The image and reputation of the Barkly Street Uniting Church Cricket Club is vital to its ongoing success and reflects the club’s standing in the community. Our “Code of Conduct” sets the standard of conduct required of our club’s members and officials, as representatives of the Barkly Street Uniting Church Cricket Club. Club members and officials are expected to abide by our “Code of Conduct”.

As a member or official of the Barkly Street Uniting Church Cricket Club your conduct whilst representing the club in any capacity must meet the standards set out below.

The standards are guidelines only and the Executive Committee of Barkly Street Uniting Church Cricket Club has the right to charge a member or official for conduct that they believe is outside the spirit of these guidelines, whether it is explicitly covered in the “Code Of Conduct” or not. These are the minimum standards required of all members of the Barkly Street Uniting Church Cricket Club.

1. Unsportsmanlike behaviour is unacceptable.

2. The use of verbal or physical abuse is unacceptable.

3. Members will refrain from any form of harassment including:
(a) Harassment on the grounds of Disability
(b) Sexual harassment
(c) Racial harassment
(d) Racial vilification

4. Members are expected to respect our club officials and other members.

5. Members are expected to play a part in the operation of the club.

6. Any member that causes the club to be fined as a result of their behaviour may be required to
compensate the club for the amount of that fine.

7. No Member whilst representing the club as a player or acting in the official capacity of scorer or
umpire, shall drink alcohol prior to or during the course of a match.

8. Members are expected to take pride in our clubrooms and respect them and all furniture and fittings.
Prior to leaving the clubrooms, members must ensure that the area they (or their guest/s) have used is
clean and tidy.

9. Members are responsible for the behaviour of any visitor/s they introduce to the club.

10. Coaches and officials of junior teams are expected to support and promote these guidelines to
junior cricketers and their supporters.

11. Members are expected to conduct themselves in an acceptable manner.

12. Members are expected to display responsible behaviour.

13. Members are expected to respect umpires, opposition players and officials.

14. Members are expected to make umpires, opposition players and officials feel welcome when they
are our guests at the end of a day’s play.

15. When entering and exiting the car park members are expected to drive in a sensible and safe
manner, especially in the presence of pedestrian traffic.

16. Senior members are expected to assist in the development of junior players, be prepared to attend
junior training sessions and matches when called upon.

17. Current members are expected to welcome new members and include the new members in their

By Order BSUCCC Executive Committee – 2010/11

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